Working From Home 101

Let me tell you, working from home IS NOT easy. It will be like working a regular job but from home but the neat thing is some companies let you decide what hours you want to work and you are not micromanaged or have to deal with office politics.

Working from home is not sit back and let money come in, if that's what you are expecting..sorry to burst your bubble but then working from home is NOT for you. Companies will not pay you to goof around or waste company time. In fact, a lot of companies have a tracking system which they will use to monitor your productivity.

However, for those that love independence, freedom, don't mind not having face to face interaction and can self manage it can be a dream.

Here are some jobs that I've done working from home:

Search Engine Evaluator
Virtual Assistant
Web Research
Data Entry
Inbound/Outbound sales
Lead Generation
Ad Tagging
E-mail Marketing
E-mail support
Live Chat
Customer Service
Mystery Shopping
Biz development
Sales Prospecting
Reconciling Data
Social Media
Grading Calls
Categorizing Data
B2B and B2C calling
Data Mining

Some systems/software you'll need to get familiar with: Upwork tracker, Zendesk, Slack, Hipchat
Five9, Callfire, Mojo, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Docs, Tout App, Microsoft, Google Hang outs, Skype

Equipment you'll need: Up to date computer, reliable fast internet, a home office (for phone calls), a phone, a headset with noise canceling.

Skills: A good attitude, professional (if you want to build your clientele), reliability, independent worker and can self manage. Reliability is EXTREMELY important, this is how you build long term clients. The more clients you have the more income streams:)


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