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I'm a mommy, wifey and entrepreneur. My passion for working from home started after experiencing office politics and even more so after having my daughter. I wanted to be able to contribute financially and still be able to stay with my daughter. That is when I began researching ways to make money online. It first started with paid to click sites and surveys and then freebie trading. I then learned about SEO and affiliate marketing and how people made a ton of money. I wanted to get there one day. I first made pennies filling surveys and then dollars. It wasn't until I did affiliate marketing where I made $39 sales in my account using e-mail marketing when I realized working from home was NOT a scam. I remember making $2,000 and my desire to learn more just ignited. I worked for a company sharing coupon ads and got a $500 check. I joined a work from home group to advertise my affiliate product and blog and they would post hourly jobs. I wasn't into that because I wanted to be my very own boss. It wasn't until I read that one lady made $4,000 a month working from home that I had a desire to do the same. My first work at home job hourly job was for a guitar company that was local and then using that experience I was able to get more work from home jobs. I have worked for over 40 clients which include Uber, Google, Education Startups, Borrow Lenses, Real Estate companies and more. I am now happy to say that I am very close to that goal and have turned my husband into a believer. I created my group and this site to share what I have learned from all the trial and error of my own journey working from home.

I hope that with the information here it will help many other women work from home and realize that YES work from home is real and NO you don't need to be in direct sales or invest money. If you have the passion to learn, desire to work..working from home can be for you too:)


  1. I'm so happy we met and became friends through direct sales, you are such a blessing to know and an inspiration for many! Thank you for helping others so selflessly and for doing all you do! You're a great friend and I look forward to being friends for many many years to come! Live your friend, Rachel Berkemeier

  2. Aww, thank you.. me too girl❤. I'm so thankful we crossed paths:)


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